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    Man… is social media going to be the death of our society?

    So, I’m on Twitter, and recently a tweet crossed my feed… I don’t even remember HOW, maybe it was suggested or something? It was something about Covid being a hoax bc they got it and felt okay. I causally responded, just something along the lines of “Most people who get Covid actually get through it.”

    And I’ve now been dragged into this bizarre universe where I am getting tons of angry, aggressive responses, all from being with barely any Twitter footprint but who do not appear to be bots, absolutely going nuts with conspiracies. And when I look at their profiles… holy cow. Con trails and flat earth and on and on and on.

    And I was thinking… it used to be that these crazy people were isolated and alone. But now they see a seemingly endless number of people who agree with them, which absolutely amplifies and justifies their crazy beliefs, causing them to get crazier and crazier.

    Honestly I am horrified by it… I had to flee the Twitter “conversation” because of how absolutely nuts it was.

    I cannot help but think that social media, and the internet, is going to the most damage just by bringing together people who should be isolated.
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