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    2022 DBR Mock Draft -- PICK TEAMS NOW!!

    It is time for our annual tradition, the DBR Mock Draft.

    Here is how it works:

    You sign up to GM a team. The method for signing up is to post in this thread with the team you want. Whoever claims a team first, gets that team. You can only sign up for one team, though we may allow folks to GM a second team if we run short of GMs. If you can, please choose to select to GM a team that you know well. You will be expected to not just make your pick, but back up the rationale for that pick based on team needs and other factors. You can expect your pick to be discussed and debated by others, so be prepared to defend it.

    THE MOST IMPORTANT JOB OF THE GM IS TO MAKE TIMELY PICKS!! When it is your turn, you make a pick and explain your rationale. There are no trades allowed. The NBA's draft order today is the order we will use.

    Very important -- Do not make us wait many hours for you to make your pick. Every picker will be on the clock. If you fail to make your pick in a timely fashion, I will draft for you based on the best available player on the various NBA mock draft boards. Here is how the clock will work.

    • Mon-Fri between 8am and 8pm ET, the clock is 4 hours. Make a pick in 4 hours or forfeit your pick to me (or some other designated picker).
    • Sat and Sun, the clock is 6 hours between 8am and 8pm ET (to allow for people who have activities away from the computer on weekends).

    Please note -- you are allowed (and encouraged) to make picks before your time is up and you are allowed to make picks late at night even though the clock is suspended. Also, if you are worried you will not be available and can see your pick is coming up, PM some possible picks to me and I can post it for you.

    Any further questions, either PM me or post in this thread.

    Ok, here is the draft order. Start signing up right away. I would love for us to get enough GMs to get started in a couple days. The real NBA draft is Thursday June 22th and we need to be done first so we need to hurry up this year.

    Here is the draft order--

    1st Round:
    1. Orlando - coldriver10
    2. Oklahoma City - accfanfrom1970
    3. Houston - roywhite
    4. Sacramento - Billy Dat
    5. Detroit - scottdude8
    6. Indiana - flyingdutchdevil
    7. Portland - pfrduke
    8. New Orleans - brevity
    9. San Antonio - Daddylawman
    10. Washington - powellhill1981
    11. New York - johnb
    12. Oklahoma City - accfanfrom1970
    13. Charlotte - jipops
    14. Cleveland - gam7
    15. Charlotte - jipops
    16. Atlanta - JasonEvans
    17. Houston - roywhite
    18. Chicago - CDu
    19. Minnesota - CameronBlue
    20. San Antonio - Daddylawman
    21. Denver
    22. Memphis - Truth&Justise
    23. Philadelphia - Gooch
    24. Milwaukee - tbyers11
    25. San Antonio - Daddylawman
    26. Dallas - DallasDevil
    27. Miami - tommy
    28. Golden State - theschwartz
    29. Memphis - Truth&Justise
    30. Oklahoma City - accfanfrom1970

    2nd Round:
    31. Indiana - flyingdutchdevil
    32. Orlando - coldriver10
    33. Toronto
    34. Oklahoma City - accfanfrom1970
    35. Orlando - coldriver10
    36. Portland - pfrduke
    37. Sacramento - Billy Dat
    38. San Antonio - Daddylawman
    39. Cleveland - gam7
    40. Minnesota - CameronBlue
    41. New Orleans - brevity
    42. New York - johnb
    43. LA Clippers
    44. Atlanta - JasonEvans
    45. Charlotte - jipops
    46. Detroit - scottdude8
    47. Memphis - Truth&Justise
    48. Minnesota - CameronBlue
    49. Sacramento - Billy Dat
    50. Minnesota - CameronBlue
    51. Golden State - theschwartz
    52. New Orleans - brevity
    53. Boston
    — Milwaukee (forfeited)
    — Miami (forfeited)
    54. Washington - powellhill1981
    55. Golden State - theschwartz
    56. Cleveland - gam7
    57. Portland - pfrduke
    58. Indiana - flyingdutchdevil

    As an aside, if you want to see how we have done this in the past...

    If you want to see how this has gone in the past (and perhaps laugh at our picks), here are some of the other DBR Mock Drafts we have done:

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    Why are you wasting time here when you could be wasting it by listening to the latest episode of the DBR Podcast?

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    I will take the Atlanta Hawks, picks #16 and #44
    Why are you wasting time here when you could be wasting it by listening to the latest episode of the DBR Podcast?

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    Bulls please.

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    Philadelphia 76ers!

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    Thanks for doing this. I'll take the Pelicans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brevity View Post
    Thanks for doing this. I'll take the Pelicans.
    I'll take the Timberwolves. I've always dreamed of living above the Arctic Circle.

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    Oklahoma City

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    Gimme my Pistons!
    Scott Rich on the front page

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    If you have questions about Michigan Basketball/Football, I'm your man!

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    Houston, please.

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    Charlotte Hornets
    "Just be you. You is Enough."

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    Iíll jump on San Antonio

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    Los Angeles
    Ill take my Heat.

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    Mavs please

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    I'll take Washington

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    I'll take Portland.
    Just be you. You is enough. - K, 4/5/10, 0:13.8 to play, 60-59 Duke.

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    I'll take the Orlando Magic! (Not because they pick first but because I grew up in Tampa rooting for them.)

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    I will pay real money for someone to take Golden State and run the team into the ground.

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    Iíll take the Knicks as long as I donít have to be James Dolan in real life.

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    Kings, please!

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    Memphis, please! Happy to step into the shoes of Duke-alum Zach Kleiman, the reigning Executive of the Year.

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