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    Quote Originally Posted by Nepos View Post
    I didn't watch the game, but suspect it was no player on the ice being over 24. They have lots of players on the team older than that.

    And Go Canes!! is spot on.
    That is correct. Among others, Kreider is 31, Panarin is 30, Zibanejad is 29 and Shesterkin is 26.

    As a Rangers game that was a frustrating ending. The Canes kept a steady attack on and the Rangers just couldnít hold on long enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CameronBlue View Post
    Announcer said during the game that no Rangers player is older than 24. Wow that is young. And that youth came to the surface in the third period and OT. I wouldíve loved to have been in a New York bar when the winning goal was scored. Just a critical lapse in judgment by the rangers defenseman to attempt to knock the puck out of the air. Bad bad bad idea. With no net front presence by the Canes The Rangers goalie was easily tracking a fairly slow moving puck. Thatís the type of loss that has a potential to stick with you. Itíll be interesting to see how the young Rangers team responds in game two.

    Go Canes!!
    They also noted that the Canes' Seth Jarvis is the youngest player in the playoffs. (He's 20)
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