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    Quote Originally Posted by Ultrarunner View Post
    Watching the way Coach Scheyer is putting together his roster makes me suspect he wants to go more than 7 deep.

    In March/April? 😃

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkD83 View Post
    The correct word is "God" not "Got"...just correcting a post about correcting grammar in small font so no one notices.
    Or “Gott” if you want to go German….
    Birds aren’t real. Do your own research!

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    Quote Originally Posted by UrinalCake View Post
    Young is clearly an intelligent person, and I see this mistake made all the time, but FOR THE LOVE OF GOT IT'S "A PART" NOT "APART!!!" Come on, you're a Duke student now!

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    To be fair, this is likely an "auto error" mistake. Auto correct doesn't seem to want to believe that people ever want to write "a part" or "in to" or "all right."

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    Surprised this thread doesn't have more posts.

    Young is a significant get. He's sort of the opposite of Theo John...all offense and not great defense...but still possesses a legit center's body. Decent rebounder as well.

    His addition has led to Torvik's site moving Duke up to #7 in his projection rankings for next year...Young's addition even moved us ahead of UNC.

    Highly approve of this move.

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