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    Quote Originally Posted by Kdogg View Post
    Thanks for the article. I didnt know about this.

    Plus, a clause in Notre Dame's deal with the ACC would require it to join that league if it decides to give up football independence. That deal runs through 2036.
    In all of this I see lots of employment opportunities for lawyers.

    Edit: lawyer discussion moved to OT
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    Quote Originally Posted by JasonEvans View Post
    So, let's talk about other candidates...

    Big East - only 11 teams. Gotta get closer to the ACC's 15 to make the challenge really work.
    Big 12 - only 12 current teams. They will be going to 16 from 2023 until 2025 and then drop down to 14. This could maybe work though the flux in that conference seems somewhat unwieldy.
    SEC - Currently 14. Going to 16 when Ok and Tx join in 2025. Seems like a good candidate and the similar regionality would seem to create some fun matchups.
    Pac 12 - Currently 12 members. USC and UCLA leave in 2024. In its current makeup, this isn't a good fit.

    If the Challenge is going to continue, it has to be with the SEC.
    I believe the Big 12 currently has 10, not 12. It will go to 14 then fall back to 12.
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