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Thread: 2022 NBA Draft

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    The grass is always greener...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steven43 View Post
    This isnít the right joint for that kind of talk.
    Yeah? Well, you know, thatís just like uh, your opinion, man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by miramar View Post
    IIRC, the early rankings indicated that Taylor King was the nationís best player while in middle school. We all know how that worked out.
    That ranking was sooo wasted on Taylor.

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    I guess you could say his career went up in smoke
    "Failure is Not a Destination"
    Coach K on the Dan Patrick Show, December 22, 2016

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    This s#&% is too funny! I hope yíall donít take it too far and end up getting into the weeds, though.

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    These might just get posted in draft order. Just as I posted introductory press conferences for Paolo Banchero and Mark Williams earlier in this thread, I found one for the Hawks and AJ Griffin. Bally Sports South posted this video Monday:

    The other player is Tyrese Martin of Connecticut, and I mention him because he was traded on draft night from Golden State to Atlanta. Presumably the trade would have to clear the league office for Martin to be introduced as an ATL player. This may bode well for Wendell Moore Jr and many other draft picks who were similarly traded. Maybe this year they'll get to work with their new teams sooner, and start Summer League on time.

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    Spoke too soon. Looks like the Minnesota Timberwolves livestreamed their introductory press conference Tuesday. Walker Kessler, Wendell Moore Jr, and Josh Minott were all traded to Minnesota on draft night.

    I know that Kessler already has two strikes against him for picking Roy Williams as his first coach and Bruce Pearl as his second, but he's a mildly entertaining speaker. Around the 6-minute mark he humorously describes his former teammate Jabari Smith Jr as a "pretty decent big" who "likes avoiding contact a little bit".

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    Did it come up that Josh Hairston is Wendellís agent?

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