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    Quote Originally Posted by budwom View Post
    Vlad is still despondent over the breakup of the Soviet Union...he felt it was an absolute anything he can do to reconstitute the old USSR works for him. Unfortunately, he's a guy with a lot of military power and essentially NO domestic brakes on his behavior, so ti's difficult to tell what comes next. Grabbing Ukraine seems to be a fait accompli...not sure how he will react to heavy sanctions, since he's been hoarding his oil money for just such an occasion.
    Don't put it past time to have his minions hack U.S. banks, hospitals (they whacked our hospital last year), even power grids...he's angry and not entirely rational.

    Some of the network imbeciles seem to focus on gas prices. This issue is going to impact a whole lot more than gas prices.
    To underscore your point here's a tweet from Martha Raddatz invoking a Pentagon source/acquaintance:

    Martha Raddatz

    Three hours before the invasion began I got this sobering message here in Ukraine from a senior pentagon official “You are likely in the last few hours of peace on the European continent for a long time to come. Be careful “

    I tend to be a sucker for postmodern thinking and find it perplexing that one imbecile can foment so much global chaos in the name of nationalistic unity.
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