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    Quote Originally Posted by CameronDuke View Post
    The line for this one was Duke -14. Vegas drama!
    I also just looked that up. I saw 13.5. Those were some expensive foul shots!

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    Solid win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by heyman25 View Post
    Good basketball game. Duke could have iced this game if we were not so damn careless. Leaving shooters wide open. Griffin needs to get the ball. At the moment he is the most consistent player on this team.Williams is having his best game at Duke today.
    We've seen plenty of Duke teams, particularly with lineups consisting mostly of less experienced players, exhibit a disconcerting tendency to relax after building a big lead and allow the other team to quickly close the gap. This team has already done that a few times. And it always elevates our collective blood pressure to see the lazy passes, sloppy turnovers, and poor shots that ensue during those stretches. The encouraging thing, though, is that this group has shown uncommon resiliency, and has usually been able to ramp their intensity level back up and regain control by putting out the fire, pushing the lead back up, and finishing strong.

    It's still frustrating to watch the team play good defense for 20 seconds, force a tough shot with guys in good position for the defensive rebound, but then allow an opposing player to dart in for an easy layup or putback dunk. Unlike some of the second-chance opportunities we've customarily allowed, that specific shortcoming has nothing to do with the style of defense we play; it's a function of failing to block out, pure and simple. I hope that Jon and his staff will add some emphasis to that phase of the game, which just has never been a Duke strength under K.

    This was a good win, well worth celebrating, and indicates that the team is now largely recovered from the pandemic pause and the holiday break. Still plenty for the coaches and players to work on, and hopefully refine, as we plunge into the heart of the conference schedule.

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