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    For those who don’t read the front page, check out JD’s “perspective” piece

    You can find it here:

    The parallels between our last week of basketball and what Baylor went through last season are too prescient to ignore. Of course losing to Miami and losing to Kansas are two very different things, but you could tell last year that Baylor wasn’t the same team following its COVID pause as it was before. That has been very apparent these past few games for us too: a team that was solid valuing the ball pre-COVID and shooting it at an encouraging pace from deep suddenly is turning it over and missing a lot of good looks.

    “Trust in K” is a commonly used mantra on this board. Well maybe we should’ve “listened to K” a bit more when he said, pre and post Georgia Tech, how challenging the COVID pause had been for this team. That is not an excuse, but it is recognizing the reality that playing basketball during a pandemic brings a unique set of challenges that us on the outside may never fully understand.

    Come April no one was talking about how bad Baylor looked in its post-COVID stretch, for obvious reasons. This team has the ability to find itself in that same situation if it learns from the lessons of last night. With K at the helm there’s every reason to think they will.
    Scott Rich on the front page

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    Until the team figures this out expect teams to pressure our ball handlers and expect lots of drives and back doors. The optimist tells me Duke lost by 2 with Miami taking 70 shots to Duke’s 59. This is attributed to not valuing the ball which Wendell mentioned in the post game comments. This is correctable.

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    I’m shocked that writer on the front page was overly positive. Very out of character.

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