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    I was a little better than K's grandson in high school and substantially better than him in my mid to late 20s and in no way could I have gotten minutes on an ACC team. I could have been a decent D2 player or maybe gotten minutes on a bad D1 team. But I couldn't guard a chair. I simply wasn't tall enough or strong enough to get minutes at upper level D1.
    Well then you must have been a terror at YMCA pickup games!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steven43 View Post
    Serious question: Do you think you could compete for minutes on an ACC basketball team?

    Okay, it wasnít really a serious question. Perhaps looking the part and playing the part are two very different things. 😊
    Absolutely not. Not even close. My comment was meant to reflect the difference between Keels and the UM guard Moore in physique. Nothing more.

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    The more I think about it, I canít believe Miami, FL was picked 12th in the ACC preseason poll and leads the ACC on January 11th at 5-0.

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