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    Recruiter needs to get after JT Daniels, who is leaving Georgia....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skydog View Post
    Clearly Spencer is considered somewhat of a get since Florida went to the trouble of stealing him from us after Vikings assistant Karl Scott backed out of a verbal agreement to a $1 mil co-coordinator deal.
    Spencer committing to Duke as quickly as he did was an eye-opener for me, as I'd assumed DL would be the room to firm up. That Giants staff didn't get fired because of the defense, and the DC (Patrick Graham) was getting mentioned as a potential HC candidate earlier last year. Coincidentally, Graham also worked with Elko at Richmond, though odds Graham ever returns to college seem approximately zero.

    It's too bad Spencer didn't stick with his deal, but losing him to Florida doesn't reflect on Duke the way it might if he'd gone somewhere like Virginia or VT, or even SC. We've already seen ample evidence sought-after coaches want to be part of what Elko building. As with the OL, Duke needs continuity in the DL room more than one season of a hot name, so it's arguably best in the long run to start year 1 of the Elko regime with a leader who's fully bought in.

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    Thinking out loud but did that quality D Line Coach already bought in leave for Amherst Massachusetts?

    Of all of the assistant coaches under Cut, I would have thought Ben Albert might be the one retained

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    Quote Originally Posted by crdaul View Post
    Recruiter needs to get after JT Daniels, who is leaving Georgia...
    He ain't coming to Duke. He will go to a power program that has a chance to play in a major bowl or more. Many people think he should have been the starting QB for the national champs this year.
    I don't know what you are doing right now, but if you aren't listening to the DBR Podcast, you're doing it wrong.

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