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    CORRECTION: Transfers Gone Wild

    A correction to the Transfers Gone Wild post on the front page regarding Charlie Moore.
    The chronology of the schools is backward.

    Moore began is college career at Cal in 2016-17 to play for Cuonzo Martin and started all 34 games (28.8 min/gm) that season & scored 12.2 pts/gm.
    Upon, Martin's departure for Missouri, Moore transferred to Kansas and sat out 2017-18 as a transfer.

    For the 2018-19 season, Moore only started 1 of 35 games (13.1 min/gm) for Bill Self & scored 2.9 pts/gm.
    KU was a bad fit with the diminished minutes and coming off the bench, so Moore opted to come home to Chicago and play for DePaul.

    While at DePaul, Moore started 47 of 48 games and played 35.6 min/gm in 2019-20 scoring 15.5 pts/gm & 32.3 min/gm in 2020-21 scoring 14.4 pts/gm.

    If anything, Moore's career flourished under Dave Leitao.
    He did not "happily escape the tutelage of Dave Leitao" as Leitao was fired after last season.
    Moore still had one more year of eligibilty and moved on to Miami.

    Leitao is an easy target for critcism of his coaching, but I do not believe that is the case in the collegiate career of Charlie Moore.

    Just wanted to set the record straight.

    And with that all said... now I will have to shower off as I never thought I would ever have to come to the defense of Dave Leitao.
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