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    I liked that Paolo seemed to be taking it hard that they were making 3s. He showed some emotion by slamming the ball after one of their bazillion makes and although it didn't slow them down, I like to see them take defense personally.

    If what they say about defense is true, that it's mostly effort, well, the team certainly has that.

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    After last night’s win, Duke at 6-0 is ranked 9th on Kenpom with the 9th ranked offense and 19th ranked defense nationally.

    Their next opponent, Gonzaga, is ranked 1st on Kenpom with the top offense in the country and the 14th ranked defense. They’ll play UCLA tonight who is ranked 7th on Kenpom with the 7th ranked offense and 20th ranked defense.

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    5 thoughts...

    1. Wow, that game reminded me a little of the famous Loyola Marymount - Michigan tourney game circa 1990. LMU just kept chucking them up as fast as possible, and they won (and scored 149 points!). The Citadel didn't throw them up nearly as fast, but it was the most similar thing I've seen since that LMU game in terms of a college team shooting 3s at will and making them (you see it all the time in the pros, or course). Coach Baucom (who I hope recovers) and staff definitely gave that team the green light. If Duke wasn't at home and faced that, it might have been a different story. If The Citadel makes it to the Big Dance, I wouldn't want to play them. They have the proverbial puncher's chance.

    2. The 3-pt defense wasn't that bad. Those guys just had to green light from anywhere, and they got lucky. Duke overplays, and The Citadel's only chance at winning was to chuck them up, channeling Steph Curry, from anywhere, anytime. It kept them in the game, but Duke kept up the pressure offensively and won going away.

    3. I am about to jump on the Moore bandwagon. Such a turnaround from last year. He looks so much more in control, with much better decision-making regarding assists and turnovers, and he's hitting shots. If he has a good game vs. the Zags, whether Duke wins or loses, I'm all in confidence-wise.

    4. Banchero is the real deal. But I wish he would go harder to the hole. In the pros, he won't have the size and skill advantage he has in college. So I can fathom why he works on finesse. After all, he wants a NBA career. But in college, he could bull his way to the hole most anytime. He should never pull up from 8 feet or less. Duke should back off the paint to give him avenues to take it to the hole. More than once, it seemed Banchero pulled up when getting close to the basket due to a clogged lane.

    5. Loved the performance from the line. 27-29. I don't remember a better one, maybe ever in the K era. I seem to recall a few good ones under Foster, but that could be the starry eyed kid in me talking.

    Bucket List - Throw a party when Duke MBB has a winning record against Carolina.

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    For those of you who don't read the front page

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimsumner View Post
    For those of you who don't read the front page
    Thanks as always for the link/reminder!
    “Fútbol is life!” — Dani Rojas, Richmond Greyhounds

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