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    I'd tell ya, but then I'd have to kill ya

    Jay Black (Jay and the Americans) has passed

    Probably lost on anyone under 50, but they had some great stuff. Come a Little Bit Closer is on my jukebox. Also had Cara Mia, This Magic Moment, and others. Another voice of my youth gone.


    Posting this video so you can appreciate the cardigans.

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    The very first time I went to a racetrack was the summer of 1974. Monticello Raceway was having summer concerts just before races. Jay Black, and some version of the Americans performed for a half hour. Always a fan, but never forgot that night. Great talent. Apparently was in litigation for the rights to his songs at that time. I hope he had a good life from that time forward. He obviously was playing podunk concerts, fairs, revivals at the time. Also the night I fell in love with live horse racing.. was intrigued by Secretariat the year earlier.

    Jay Black brought me to the track.

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    Saw them in the 70ís at the Spectrum opening for Frankie Vali. Cara Mia was the highlight of the show. There are YouTube videos of him singing it like at age 75, still had the voice. Fun group.

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    Wow that brings back memories. In the summer of 1967 after my freshman year, I had a job in a hotel on the ocean front in Virginia Beach. Jay and the Americans played at a small arena near the hotel. It was the first concert I ever attended. Pretty big thrill back then.

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    Sorry to hear this. FWIW, barely-adult versions of Walter Becker and Donald Fagen worked for Jay before they formed Steely Dan.

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