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    LOL. My 11 year old son who is a huge Harry Potter fan would be mortified to know that I had no idea what you were talking about. But since I am the first to tell other people that GIYF, I followed my own advice and now I have some frame of reference.

    As a former Chronicle writer, I was driven crazy that The Chronicle had a headline the other day "Cameron is still Crazie" - no, it's not, it's still Crazy.

    And yes, I am fun at parties despite occasionally being somewhat anal retentive. Think Ted Lasso without a mustache.
    My new favorite show!

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    Thanks, and the feeling is (mostly) mutual.

    I think Mark Williams has real offensive skills that he'll show this year. He's quick and surprisingly effective in isolation plays in the post. He's also extremely tall and long and bouncy. Unlike many younger post players, he also doesn't shuffle his feet all that much. It wouldn't surprise me at all if Williams scores 20+ points with certain matchups. I'm thinking that will happen about 5-7 games this season. Paolo is a matchup nightmare for pretty much everyone. Williams is also a matchup problem for a lot of teams. He's a lot better with the ball in his hands than I think he gets credit for.
    I think I noticed Keels raise his hands in confidence even as Mark was shooting. Seems to me that maybe Mark has been shooting well in practice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JayZee View Post
    I think I noticed Keels raise his hands in confidence even as Mark was shooting. Seems to me that maybe Mark has been shooting well in practice.
    Well, we can't know for sure until Keels posts something obscure about it on instagram
    basketball is back, baby!

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    Quote Originally Posted by flyingdutchdevil View Post
    To be more fair, the students haven't had a home game in 20+ months.

    Freshman and Sophomores have never been to a game before in Cameron. Juniors and Seniors have the only experience. So, Juniors and Seniors need to man up and do some teaching, cus it's gonna be kinda sad if Cameron is completely uncoordinated this year (cue every Duke grad to say, "Cameron Crazies have been subpar ever since I graduated!")
    Same issues in the workforce. Many new hires have never met their colleagues or have been in the office. Tough to develop camaraderie and a culture.

    An article I wrote in the subject, focusing on the public accounting world, naturally

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