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    WTB: 1 MBB ticket for consecutive home ACC games

    I haven't seen the full schedule yet, not sure it is published. I try to come each year and see 2 ACC games at Cameron. I live in Colorado so always look at the schedule/calendar to find the back to back games during ACC schedule. I will update this post once the schedule is posted and I identify the games, but wanted to get this on the board. I have been successful finding tickets on this site and hope to do that again. Just need 1 ticket for each game.

    Thank you and Go Duke!

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    Syracuse and Clemson is what Iím currently targeting. Flight, car, hotel and Iron Duke waitlist. But love to secure 1 ticket to each game sooner than any chance with Iron Dukes. Please reach out.

    Also on waitlist for Wake Forest and Florida state. But prefer the January games - just because I booked everything already.

    And as a wild hair, Iím on waitlist for NC game too.

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