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    So Duke Settled an Ant-Trust Case with UNC's Faculty This Week

    Apparently, Duke and UNC had a secret agreement, going back several decades, to NOT "poach" each other's faculty, with the purpose being to hold down faculty salaries. Duke agreed to a $19 Million settlement with the UNC professors who brought suit against Duke, on Monday. (An earlier case, settled in 2019, only applied to medical faculty.)

    Of (maybe) special interest here, Duke was represented in this case by Womble Bond Dickinson LLP-- better a Womble Bond lawyer than BudWom(ble), perhaps.

    Title should read "Anti-Trust Case"
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    Did UNC also settle/pay out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluedog View Post
    Did UNC also settle/pay out?
    I don't believe that the UNC faculty sued UNC-- just Duke.

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    Why would Duke faculty want to go to UNC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by acdevil View Post
    Why would Duke faculty want to go to UNC?
    Easier workload.

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