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Not to mention the more tangible disadvantage - if you save the ball from going out of bounds, but the other team grabs it, they have a 5 on 4 for at least a few seconds.

I actually was at Cornell's season opener. They played well the entire game, and then, at the end, Lehigh started pressing, and Cornell almost blew a 15 point lead in the final minute and a half or so. Translation: they are going to get slaughtered by Duke's pressure.
Cornell I expect to have a nice team. Duke I expect to have way more than a nice team. We will come to play, however.

As for pressure, we laugh at pressure, are amused by pressure, and, like that great Judo expert who founded Obies and invented the Bo Burger, we just roll with pressure, turn it against all who would bring it. Or, like all good Cornellians of my era, we could instead crumple and afterwards make a midnight run to Obies and get one of those apple turnovers smeared with butter, after woofing down a couple of Bo burgers and some home fries. But alas, Obies is long gone and bo burgers (cheeseburger with onions and a fried, but still somewhat juicy, egg on top) are oh so politically incorrect; I fear that crumpling is therefore no longer an option. So, you guys think you've seen diving, my guys are bringing in Bruce Luganis the week before the Duke game. We'll show you some diving!

Will we get slaughtered? Depends on how the game goes. We'll have to wait on that one.