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    This thread is a painful reminder of a bucket list trip to St Andrews, Carnoustie, Kingsbarn, Gleneagles that Iíve had to put off for 2 summers in a row. Have nothing to add but hope you get your trip in!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tripping William View Post
    Homeboy graduates from high school next May (yikes!). Wants a senior trip to Scotland, centered on golf, of course (ha!). Mrs. Tripping wants to add Ireland. DBR travel experts: Your best advice for accomplishing this (at a reasonable price) is kindly solicited. TIA (as the kids say)!
    My best friend and golf buddy turned 50 in 2019. He wanted to play St. Andrews for his birthday. Like Mrs. Tripping, Mrs. Elvis wanted to add Ireland to the trip. Best decision ever. We took our 2 daughters and travelled around Ireland for about 8 days and then travelled to Edinburgh to meet up with our friends. The day we went to St. Andrews, we took the train from Edinburgh. Four of us played the Jubilee Course at St. Andrews and my wife and daughters (they were 15 and 17 at the time) went shopping (they loved St. Andrews). We all met up at a pub after our round. Both my wife and I have family heritage that goes back to Ireland so we did some of the normal tourist stuff (Cliffs of Mohr, Giant's Causeway, Blarney Castle, etc) but we also went to some smaller towns to see where we came from. I can give you specifics if you want or try to answer any questions. It was the first time I had travelled to Europe and I want to go back! I could do the same trip again (although spending 2 weeks driving on the wrong side of those super narrow roads was at times very nerve wracking - thank goodness there's was always a Pub at the end of the drive...)

    BTW, from a golf perspective, I rented clubs at St. Andrews. They gave me a bag full of new Callaway gear and I was quite happy with it. In fact, I replaced the hybrids in my bag with Callaway Rogue hybrids after we got back because I loved the one I hit there so much. We also played a second round just outside of Edinburgh at what is billed as the worlds oldest golf course, Musselburgh Links. The course was actually terrible (most of it inside a horse race track) but the novelty and history of it made it worth it. The rental clubs I was given there resembled what you could put together with $72 at the local Play It Again Sports.

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    A wrinkle (and a potentially existential one): It looks like the UK still requires 10 days of quarantining for travelers from the USA. That would kill the deal if that remains the case.
    "Amazing what a minute can do."

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