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Not a UVA fan, but it seems hard to me to make that claim. He brought in Sam Hauser and Justin McKoy for last season and then former Indiana G Arman Franklin and former ECU F Jayden Gardner for this season. Gardner is a two-time all conference player in the American Athletic Conference. That's between a mid-major and high-major in terms of a conference. Considering how Bennett doesn't go deep into his rotations and rarely plays freshmen, adding two starter-level transfers a high-major and just-below-high-major team seems pretty good to me.
I have not taken a long look at all the transfers coming into the ACC next season, but I have to think Gardner and Franklin will be among the top five transfers in the league. Both guys were double-digit scorers in very good leagues. I fully expect each of them to be double-digit scorers in the ACC as well. Heck, you could probably argue that Virginia is the best team in the ACC at bringing in transfers (Louisville is also up there and Notre Dame seems to do well in this category too).