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Thread: Dre-Field of 68

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    Dre-Field of 68

    If you don't already, take some time to listen/watch Andre Dawkins' interviews on The Field of 68. They are excellent.

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    Dre has gotten so much better. At the start of the season, he was pretty rough. But, he's found a groove and the recent interviews with our incoming recruits have been really good. AJ Griffin, especially, seems very media-smooth, natural and relaxed. The interview he did with Tyler Thornton was really good, they have known each other for years and you get a inside look at DMV hoops in the late aughts.

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    So cool, and his bio blurb on there says he's a real estate professional in Oklahoma. I've always been so curious what players do after their playing days as not all of them can be working in the basketball world and only the professional stars can live off of endorsements and future promos/cameos. It's just interesting how they go from hyper intense focus on this one thing for their developing years as a person, were star athletes at a high level, and are now just out in the world doing regular people jobs. The podcast is pretty solid, that's a cool platform they have where each major program has a podcast.

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    Totally (!) separately, my wife, son, and I had occasion to run into Dre at the 2014 US Open, on the 8th fairway of Pinehurst No. 2. He was very engaging with us, total strangers. Very nice, and seemed to really appreciate my thanking him for coming back for that final year at Duke (even though it ended disappointingly).

    A few seconds after we parted ways, Zach Johnson aced the 9th. LOL
    "Amazing what a minute can do."

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