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    Congratulations to Vic Dimukeje

    Dimukeje becomes the 4th Blue Devil drafted when the Cardinals picked him in 6th round.
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    Congratulations, Victor Dikumeje!

    Arizona selects Victor Dikumeje - #210 pick overall.


    Bob Green beat me to it. Please merge.

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    Four this year pretty good -- highest total since the 1950's (equaled by 1974 and 1965).

    But four NFL draft choices were the total between 2000 and 2014, inclusive. And, no other ACC team was below 20 draft choices -- and we had FOUR. Actually, it's worse -- from 2001 to 2012 we had only a single NFL draft choice. Wake was the second lowest with 20 -- the same as BC, which was not an ACC member for the entire period.
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