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    Quote Originally Posted by dukefan5656 View Post
    I'll take a Joey Baker over a Jalen Johnson all day, every day.

    Thanks for coming back big guy. His shooting is going to be a big plus and I hope he will have worked himself into meaningful minutes because he certainly deserves them considering the climate.
    Agreed. I am really pulling for him (again) next year. What a frikkin AWESOME video.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shavcountry View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by scottdude8 View Post
    And letís not forget Joey can be a 5 year guy because if the COVID free year, which essentially gave him back that burned redshirt.
    At around 11:10 in the video, he says "Next year, it's all in. It's my last go around. Got a good group . . . we're just going to get after it."

    So this might be Baker's final season. But too early to say for sure.

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