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    Yeah Buzz undoubtedly played a role in this commitment. Hope it works out for him. College Station is a lot further from Richmond than Durham is ... will be interesting to see how this works out for him.
    Seems like a good fit. Iíve never been there but I have friends who go every 2 years to watch the Gamecocks lose. They say football Saturdays are quite the spectacle. And also not too far from Houston, or Yooston as the Texans say. Big change from Duke but I trust that heíll figure out how to have a good time there.

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    And just a finger tip from a third championship.
    A fingernail. Can you imagine? Almost 3 championships in 4 years? He was/is an incredible player and incredible human being!

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    Is this a joke? Are you kidding?

    Kyrie regularly attends Coach K's basketball camps and he often talks in interviews about his Duke love and continued connection to the program. I am certain he, like most of K's former players, speaks often with his former head coach. Oh, and all you need to do is watch the end of this interview to know that Kyrie is very, very much a lifetime member of the Brotherhood.


    Kyrieís recruitment is something I can never forget. It was before I was aware of places like DBR. My D called me one day as the news of some wonder kid recruitment had spread through her dorm at Duke (Alspaugh).

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