This is my first year in Durham and I immediately became a big duke fan, mostly because of how fun and competitive the fan base is. Unfortunately, this seems like a tough year to start. I'm only in durham for a few more weeks until i return home for summer and I just need something to get my fix before I go. Is there anything I can do? For reference, I am not a baseball fan but I'd almost be willing to camp out for a night just to see a softball game at duke. I'm a little bitter (especially about missing out on cameron) there isn't a single sporting event at duke I can go at watch.

I'd stream the baseball games and soccer games but I also don't have cable. Does anybody have any ideas for how I can get my fix before I leave? I've watched all the duke documentaries available without paying for cable, I watch nearly every NBA game with a duke player playing, and tried to go to the duke basketball Museum sports and hall of fame but it was closed. Any other things I should do before I leave? Are there any restaurants owned by former duke players? I'm desperate lol