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It does seem like there should be some actual rules for the grad transfer.

As it stands, there aren’t many 1 year programs that would be actually helpful to the average athlete (or to the average college grad). Going forward, I wonder if Big State U’s will create a 1-year masters program in some directly-applicable specialty that would have no intention of being especially academic but might be helpful to athletes or to other folks who want a 1-year additional credential that could help them be productive: “Reading, writing, and arithmetic for citizens” or some sort of 1 year business degree. It could be a masters or a “certificate” in lieu of an actual degree.

As for Oklahoma, the alma mater of my parents and over a dozen cousins, my favorite line is from the former college president, senator, governor David Boren: “at Oklahoma, we’re working hard to create a university that our football team can be proud of.”
Duke already has this in the form of the GLS program: https://liberalstudies.duke.edu/
"Duke GLS is a flexible, self-designed master’s program grounded in the interdisciplinary liberal arts. With part-time and full-time options, we offer learners of all ages and backgrounds strong academic and professional development support and access to the scholars and resources of one of the finest universities in the world."

Of course, GLS can be very academic, just depends on what the person wants given it is "flexible" and "self-designed."

I'm sure many other institutions have something similar. And a 1-year business program (MMS: Foundations of Business).