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    Quote Originally Posted by gumbomoop View Post
    Replays tomorrow (Tues) of tonight’s game —

    ESPNU — 7-9 am
    ACCN — 1-3 pm
    The replay en español is already on WatchESPN. Two birds in one stone: instant replay and fun commentators

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    Fun game. Smart, methodical. Great pace. Contributions from a lot of guys. It wasn't perfect but we generally did pretty well against the press. Kudos to the coaching staff for having them well prepared both strategically and mentally with the quick turnaround. Let's keep rollin'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ratamero View Post
    the replay en español is already on watchespn. Two birds in one stone: Instant replay and fun commentators

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    Great balanced scoring.
    "This is the best of all possible worlds."
    Dr. Pangloss - Candide

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    We were the fresher team tonight.
    "This is the best of all possible worlds."
    Dr. Pangloss - Candide

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrishoke View Post
    We were the fresher team tonight.
    Yes, glad it was a home game.

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    Incredible shooting display by our guards, and of course the Man of the Match has to be Mark Williams.

    What I loved as much as all of Mark's activity running the floor and catching lobs is how hard he went after boards and loose balls and blocks even when he didn't have good position. The limited minutes on Saturday meant he was often the freshest player tonight and he made the most of it.

    I found myself nitpicking some shaky sequences around our management of the press and some defensive errors, but really we played a very intense game Saturday night so it's understandable our focus waned a bit here and there. Still a very impressive performance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueDevilStop View Post
    Duke definitely looks the part of an NCAAT team right now. No high seed would want to see them in the first round should Duke make the dance.
    This ^^^^^

    Imagine if we ended up as an 8 or 9 seed?

    Obviously loads of work to get there but the storylines would be pretty entertaining.

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    Duke is now 30th on Kenpom.

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    If Duke played undefeated Gonzaga as a 9 seed in the second round of the NCAAT, what do you think the line would be and would you take Duke +4.5?

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    10 assists on 10 FGM

    Amazing efficiency and teamwork to start the game!

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    Think Boeheim blew this one on purpose in an effort to prove his point?

    I’m kidding.

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    With all due respect to Casey Sanders who was a great Blue Devil and teammate for 4 years, Mark Williams looks to be developing into what we (or at least I) always hoped for from Casey Sanders.
    My Quick Smells Like French Toast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CameronDuke View Post
    If Duke played undefeated Gonzaga as a 9 seed in the second round of the NCAAT, what do you think the line would be and would you take Duke +4.5?
    No! No way

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    Another great win! Didn’t expect the blow out margin. Great shooting in first half, both teams with tired legs in 2nd half. Mark Williams played his best game and we got great games from Steward and Roach. I could go on and on! Let’s go Bluedevils!! Keep rockin’ and rollin’!!

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    Fun to watch a Duke team

    Quote Originally Posted by bluenorth View Post
    They look like a Duke team now. They got a little sloppy at times, but it's hard to maintain focus with a big lead.
    They are fun to watch now, at least for me, because they come out at the start with intensity and focus. It shows in made shots, rebounding and few turnovers.

    They keep their intensity and focus most of the time. They play hard and play together. Lots of great switches, helping out.

    Really fun to watch Mark Williams develop into a tough, skilled, poised and smart Big. He had several spectacular plays. Must be real fun for the opponents!

    Wish that Joey Baker could get -- and earn -- more minutes.
    “I love it. Coach, when we came here, we had a three-hour meeting about the core values. If you really represent the core values, it means diving on the floor, sacrificing your body for your teammates, no matter how much you’re up by or how much you’re down by, always playing hard.” -- Zion

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    I am loving the development of this team.

    Watching a young team experience difficulty and disappointment followed by growth and success can be more delightful than watching a juggernaut execute. I suppose it is the joy of achieving something that seems unlikely rather than simply meeting expectations.

    In any event, this team is creating a storyline and an experience that feels a bit like 1978 to these old eyes. Not a perfect analogy, but a similar feeling.

    Now if we can make it to the title game...

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    5 thoughts:

    1. The 3's put the game away in the first half. Just crazy shooting. I figured 3's would be key, so it was nice to get that done early to put this one away so quickly. Roach was on fire. And JGold's two 3's in the 2nd half snuffed out any thoughts of a real run by the Orange. The offense is not a problem (except that I would like to see them practice now for pressing teams). And the defense obviously, came though.

    2. Williams. If you watched the game, enough said. If you didn't, he's become a lob toy and an absolute defensive presence against teams without too much bulk, and without teams with mobile bigs that hit 3s. I wonder how he can improve further to play more in the Carolina game.

    3. After Saturday, I find it curious that Brakefield didn't get more minutes. K usually rewards players with good practices with more minutes. Only 7 this game, same as Coleman. If it's a message, I'm sure he got one.

    4. I was rooting for Baker to go off this game. But that airball... ugh. He didn't sniff another minute until garbage time. The rest of the team hit the 3's that were needed against the zone.

    5. I hope K just leans on them in practice the rest of the week. 5 days until the next game, it will seem like so long. The team cannot buy into the sure-to-come "Duke is back" hype. I think they need to win 2 of the next 3 (and beat UNC), and win at least 1-2 games in the ACCT (depending if they get the double bye or not) to be solidly off the bubble. The Ville plays ND tomorrow, so it will be interesting to see how they play after the debacle versus UNC. If they play mad and rollover the Irish, the game on Saturday is no gimme. Stay sharp, Devils.

    Bucket List - Throw a party when Duke MBB has a winning record against Carolina.

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    The Duke team that played tonight is an NCAA Tournament team.

    Bravo to Coach K and the team for a great performance !

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    Really great execution against the zone, which was even more impressive coming off a short turnaround and an emotionally draining win. It's usually much harder to just throw over top of it, but Williams is so long and athletic and we picked our spots well. Really like how we used cutters through the free throw area and kept the ball moving. The press made us give it up a few times and the second half sort of turned into a pickup game at the Y for stretches, but it was much more fun to endure with a 20 point cushion.

    Hitting shots in the first half made this a comfortable win. Glad the team can get rested up and recharged so they can keep this train rolling.

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