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Thread: RIP Sam Hammond

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    RIP Sam Hammond

    I was distressed to learn today of the death of Sam Hammond, long-time Duke carillonneur. He played from the Chapel Tower for more than 50 years before finally retiring in 2018, and even then he continued to play piano for and with the kids in the Duke String School on campus up until the pandemic shut everything down.

    He was one of the most friendly, pleasant people I can remember encountering, and a fine musician to boot. He will be missed by many, and that group definitely includes me.

    RIP, Sam.

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    Sam was a great guy. I got to ride up and watch him play a few times. Fantastic experience.

    As told, my mom trained on the carillon with him. He got the job, though! Not sure she really wanted it.


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    Sam invited me to join him for a concert for my birthday celebration. I chose the Friday nearest my birthday so that I could hear him play Dear Old Duke. A bit later he treated my mother to a concert to celebrate her 90th. birthday. She was particularly interested in the technique required to play because she played both piano and organ. She continued to talk about that experience for the rest of her life.

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