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    Quote Originally Posted by rsvman View Post
    Zoobs says hi.
    I should have qualified - in his Freshman year

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    Well, if Syracuse is on the bubble/in the first 4 out, then Duke should definitely be in the last 4 in after tonight!

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    Congrats to Mark!

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    Canít miss throws down the stretch

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    If we keep leaving Buddy open, the final score is going to look a lot closer than the game really was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dukelifer View Post
    Canít miss throws down the stretch
    yeah. we played well to get the lead to 20, and since then, the game has been very mediocre.
    basketball is back, baby!

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    Quote Originally Posted by arnie View Post
    Someone on the thread mentioned a mute button. Iíd never used it before; quite the techno achievement when one realizes Bilas is starting a self-imposed rant. Just wish I could program the button to unmute when heís finished.
    Use the mute button whe the rant starts. Use closed captioning to see when he changes the subject. Leave it that way for the rest of the game.

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