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I don't know Juwan Howard. I agree with you that they will likely try to lock him in long term. Though to be clear, I think that will likely have more to do with investing in the program than investing in Juwan Howard. I just checked and he made $150 million in the NBA. So from a quality of life perspective, making $5 million vs. $4 million per year really doesn't matter. Sure, he didn't get to where he did without being competitive so he wants to be paid what he is worth. But I'm guessing a lot of his concern is about having the resources around him to help him succeed - money to pay top assistants, keeping up on facilities, etc.
That's a very good point... his decision might not be as money driven as many coaching decisions. But if you're thinking he might leave Michigan because of the money spent on the program, let me put that definitively to bed... the athletic department is FLUSH with cash, unsurprisingly, and has been spending it lavishly on the basketball program over the past decade. The practice facilities are brand new within the past 5 years or so, and Howard has said how much he loves his coaching staff with Martelli and Eisley (neither of which I imagine came cheap). If he goes to the NBA, it'll likely be because he wants the challenge/recognition, not because Michigan didn't give him the support he wanted.