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    Quote Originally Posted by CameronDuke View Post
    Need to hit these free throws! Letís Go Duke!
    Not sure why the foul was on Hurt there, and not a reach in on Goldwire? Letís go Duke, play smart, play good D!!

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    Hurt out with 5 fouls. Whoís going to score now? This would be a good time for JJ to show up.

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    How is that a charge?!

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    Pretty dang iffy call

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    Would have been big for Baker to have hit that open look.

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    Lordy. Frantic basketball.

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    That was a terrible call! Most of the contact was the 2 Louisville players running into each other.

    And we should have worked it around for a high percentage two rather than Baker jacking up a 3 there.

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    Duke down 3 with the ball and 25 seconds left. Gonna be tough but a lot of basketball left.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CameronDuke View Post
    Would have been big for Baker to have hit that open look.
    That was the shot, we just didnít hit it. Amazing that Jones, a 6í1Ē guard, got a lay-up in traffic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mtn.Devil. View Post
    Pretty dang iffy call
    Terrible call, not an iffy call.

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    That oughta do it. Boys played tough but may come up short again.

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    Our play is frantic.

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