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    A simple thought experiment

    What if the ACC had decided to do what some of the other conferences are doing to minimize travel this season, and had decided that, once Duke had made the trip to Pittsburgh, they would play Pittsburgh twice on back-to-back days, Tuesday night and Wednesday night.

    In that scenario, what do you think Coach K would've done?

    a) Used the exact same plan as for the first game, same starters, 3-2 zone pretty much throughout, etc? The thinking here would be that we were in the game, and if only a couple more of their shots had rolled out or ours had rolled in, or a few free throws went in, or a couple of calls went a different way, we would've won? Let's roll out the ball and do it again; unlikely Pitt could win a second game against this plan?

    b) Switch up the plan by at least starting in the aggressive man-to-man, maybe starting with Wendell on Champaignie? The idea being to try to shut down their top scorer and not to fall into a deep hole right out of the gate?

    c) Switch it up even further, by going aggressive man-to-man and adding in the trap press right from the start of the game? Idea being to use our athleticism to get a few quick baskets and maybe put THEM in a hole right off the bat?

    d) Switch it up by using m2m, but in a less aggressive fashion, mostly running players off the three-point line but not overplaying the passing lanes? Idea being to keep them from getting good looks at easy 3s but also not to allow them blow-by drives into the lane?

    e) Do something completely unexpected, like a so-called junk defense, with a box zone and Wendell m2m on Champaignie? (LOL. If K lives to be 100 and coaches the entire time he will never do something like this; way too Majerus for his taste!)

    If anybody finds this interesting, feel free to post your thoughts. Mine are that he would likely go with plan a, but maybe throw in an aggressive m2m for about 15% of our possessions in a random fashion and occasionally throw in a trap press when they least expect it. What do you think?
    "We are not provided with wisdom, we must discover it for ourselves, after a journey through the wilderness which no one else can take for us, an effort which no one can spare us, for our wisdom is the point of view from which we come at last to regard the world." --M. Proust

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    I would hope for (c). Seems to me we're better in a full-court, open, up-and-down game rather than a slower, half-court grind where our weaknesses are magnified at both ends. Pushing tempo, and almost forcing our guys to come out with energy and focus, seems a likely result of full or 3/4 court pressure right from the jump.

    One thing I do know for day-um sure is that in game #2, Jalen Johnson would be in the starting lineup.

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    The thing is, going with a completely different approach would send a message that K made a mistake in the first game. And I donít think he would want to do that. Also, if we knew from the beginning that we were going to play games on two consecutive days then that would affect the rotations. Though to be honest Iím not entirely sure how other than giving Goldwire some more minutes. Nobody else on the bench appears capable of contributing.

    Perhaps another, less hypothetical way to ask this question would be, what do we think K will do this Saturday against Louisville?

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    Would the next game be played at Duke? I think Duke needs all the practice they can get. So, I'm glad the back to back games are not played in the ACC and if we had played back to back, I hope Coach K would do some things differently. Play man2man to begin the game or some junk defense on Champagnie. Well try hypnosis on DJ, Roach, Brakefield and Baker and tell them they can't miss a shot.


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