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    Elizabeth Williamsí voice is highlighted in NYTimes article

    With lead on front page

    Very proud of her! I would expect her brother is even prouder!

    ďFor Pro Athlete Leading Social Justice Push, a Victory and UncertaintyĒ

    Unless you are a serious fan of womenís basketball, you probably do not know of Williams. In an era in which athletes are taking star turns for speaking up for justice, she should be a household name.

    Once uneasy with making her feelings known, she found her voice amid the pain and protest of last summer. She ended up at the center of a unique moment in the annals of American sports: the mutiny by a group of professional players against their teamís prominent and powerful owner.

    Williams led the Dreamís decision to denounce Loeffler, who controls a 49 percent stake in the team.

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    Very proud of this young lady.

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