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    Quote Originally Posted by Phredd3 View Post
    Wikipedia says tied for third, behind the Finke (a river in central Australia that is intermittent, dependent on recent rainfall - so some sources don't count it) and the Meuse flowing from the French Alps down to the delta in The Netherlands. The New River is tied for third with the Susquehanna and the French Broad, all of which cut though Appalachia.

    There, now nobody else has to look it up.
    Guess it depends on the source. Where I looked it up, it said second behind the Finke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aimo View Post
    Actually, it is THE oldest in America and second oldest in the world. Our mountains, the Appalachians, are among the oldest on Earth.
    John Denver:
    Life is old there, older than the trees
    Younger than the mountains, growin' like a breeze

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    As I understand it the Appalachians are so old, parts are in Morocco, parts in Scotland, and the rest in North America - they predate the Atlantic Ocean. No wonder they have some of the oldest rivers in the world!

    And once upon a time, they were among the highest ever, too.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mtn.Devil. View Post
    French Broad River flows less than a mile from my house, so I'm really getting a kick...
    Ah, Asheville, NC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jv001 View Post
    Ah, Asheville, NC.
    Uh oh, my cover is blown.

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