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    Shootings at Southpoint Mall in Durham

    Any updates on this story?
    (CNN)Three people were shot and three more injured during a shooting Friday at a packed shopping mall, police in Durham, North Carolina, said.
    Off-duty Durham police officers were working Friday afternoon inside The Streets at Southpoint mall heard shots coming from within the mall, and called for backup, Durham Police Chief Patrice Andrews said.

    Responding officers found three people had been shot in an incident between two groups of people who know each other, Andrews said.
    It sounds like gangs. What's up, Durham?
    Sage Grouse

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    My mom was at Belk's when it happened and managed to get out pretty quickly (before they locked it down) luckily. Believe it happened somewhere on that side of the mall (although I don't know anything official). Hope the three injured recover and I'm glad more people weren't hurt.

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    mrs pie, her sister, dad and step mom were all there...they were ushered back to the back of the williams sonoma store...employees there handled it very well..

    not gangs, just some idiots mad at each other who couldn't just go down to by a cardigan without their "piece"...

    hope they all go to prison, and i hope the folks shot get better...
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