The KYD Pool #2 is Out. It is an early guide to those horses that have already made an impression as to their predisposition to run well on the first Saturday in May...
I'd say there is a 50/50 chance the winner of that race is not on this list, but what do I know.

Here is a list of possible odds (way too early, but it is an expanded list of names).
Good to see Fauci at 150 to 1. I heard that he was working with the WHO today in the new Biden Administration. I guess that is the World Horse Organization??

Does anyone remember the Dosage Theory predictor of being the winner of the KYD?

The Dosage Theory was a way to measure "Aptitudinal" ability of a Thoroughbred to win the Kentucky Derby, based on their pedigree.
If you had sprinters in your pedigree, you were a sprinter (high dosage) and you were not winning the KYD.
If you had classic horses in your pedigree (lower than 4.00 dosage) then you qualified.
Makes perfect sense, right?!

Part of the theory (by observation) was also that you had to start at least once as a 2YO.

As time went on, there were no exceptions to this exceptional theory, then Strike The Gold won the KYD.
His dosage was too high. So, like any good theorist, the problem was his ancestors must have been missing from the list of horses, so they relabeled the recent sires in his ancestry to force Strike The Gold's Dosage value under 4.00.
Then more horses above 4.00, and who didn't start as 2YO, started to win, and the theory was kaput.
But Dosage is still a good indicator of a horses genetic makeup and tendencies.
Use this, and knowing which sires are turfers and mudders, and this will help to fill out your handicapping arsenal of tools.

I don't know how many times you have a race where you have horses that show nothing but fast race lines, and the weather is muddy. So all you have to go on is pedigrees, trainers, and jockeys (and how the horses look on the track). Having a list of sires that produce mudders is valueable.
I love the Super Savers and anything that has Gone West in the pedigree in the mud; these bloodlines seem to love the mud. Recognize the symbols for mudders in the race programs too. Usually a big asterisk next to the horse's name. But, I digress.