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    The DBR podcast episode discussing this suggested that the reason the NCAA granted this extra year is to accommodate players who decide to sit out this season due to the pandemic. They want players to be able to choose to do so, protecting their health, without being penalized.

    This makes absolutely no sense to me. If that’s what the NCAA wanted, why would they allow players to play this entire season and then take an additional year? It feels like they would instead ask players to choose right now if they want to play, and if not then they could have an extra “redshirt” season made available. Essentially they would have a six year window to play four years, rather than a five year window to play four years.

    Now maybe they’re thinking about players who begin playing and then have their seasons cut short by catching COVID. But in that case they could apply for a medical redshirt, and the NCAA could say that they’re going to be more lenient with medical redshirts this season.

    I’m cool with players getting the extra year, but the reasoning doesn’t quite make sense to me. It feels more like they realized they screwed up by not granting an extra season last year, and now they’re trying to make up for it.
    From what I've heard and can guess, they were worried about huge numbers of players opting out. If you're not going pro in sports, why would you use one of your four years for a suboptimal experience with largely online classes and no fans, especially when it's increasing your risk of getting a potentially dangerous disease? If you don't count this year towards eligibility, it removes most of the conditions that would have caused players to opt out, thereby allowing games to be played and TV revenue to be made.

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    Heels fans are probably wondering if this means Battier gets another year of eligibility too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ingrjc1 View Post
    Heels fans are probably wondering if this means Battier gets another year of eligibility too.
    Four More Years!
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