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    Just to put the mountain lion in perspective, the animals here frequently kill 1,000-pound elk and then drag them away to a hiding place. And they're a lot smaller: "Males generally weigh 53 to 100 kg (117 to 220 lb), averaging 68 kg (150 lb). Females typically weigh between 29 and 64 kg (64 and 141 lb), averaging 55 kg (121 lb)."

    We have a lot of wildlife here, and this year the big six have been found within about 50 feet of our house: moose, elk, mule deer, black bear, coyote, mountain lion. All seen but the puma, who left us some scat to examine.

    Local news is that there is now a wolf pack in Colorado -- the county west of ours. Moreover. there's an initiative on the ballot on whether to reintroduce the wolf to lands west of the continental divide (I live about ten miles from the divide). Looks like the wolf is doing a good job of reintroducing itself.
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    'When I got on the bus for my first road game at Duke, I saw that every player was carrying textbooks or laptops. I coached in the SEC for 25 years, and I had never seen that before, not even once.' - David Cutcliffe to Duke alumni in Washington, DC, June 2013

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    We have bobcats near here where we live. Saw a big tom about a month ago, and a female and two kittens last March.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DUKIECB View Post
    The guy made a huge mistake right from the start. If you see cougar cubs in the wild the last thing you do is stick around to get a better look. You get the heck out of dodge and pray you don't see momma. He actually did pretty good to be in such a high stress situation. After quite a bit of distance was covered and it was apparent the animal was going to continue to follow (I know this takes major cojones) he should have stopped and began pelting it with rocks. This is what ran it off in the end. It would be very cool to see one in the wild but not that close. If I hiked out there I would definitely carry animal spray. Mountain lines and grizzlies you just don't mess around with. I have hiked almost 1,800 miles of the Appalachian Trail and don't have to worry about those things thank goodness although I have been lucky enough to see 10 bears and two rattlesnakes but I do not carry anything for defense. On the east coast the most dangerous thing you run into are the humans.
    Yeah, I’m much more concerned about the mountain lion and her cubs than some random dummy. I’m just glad the lions weren’t hurt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devilwin View Post
    We have bobcats near here where we live. Saw a big tom about a month ago, and a female and two kittens last March.
    Charlotte used to have Bobcats. But not recently.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimsumner View Post
    Charlotte used to have Bobcats. But not recently.
    Ugh. Worst team nickname ever, for a team owned by Robert "Bob" Johnson. I'm still mad about it, thanks for reminding me.

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    Another close encounter...

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