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    The Brotherhood Votes

    Press release from Duke:
    DURHAM, N.C. – In continuing efforts to promote positive dialogue around racial and social justice issues and to raise awareness of voter participation in advance of the 2020 general election on November 3, the Duke men's basketball program has created working groups among its vast network of former players.

    The ongoing group discussions over the last few months, including an initial Zoom call led by head coach Mike Krzyzewski that included more than 100 current and former members of the Duke Basketball Brotherhood, have led to the creation of working groups for voter awareness and for issues relating to Duke and Durham.

    The voting group is led by former Blue Devils Reggie Love, Todd Singleton and Nate James, while Nolan Smith leads the Duke/Durham group along with Grant Hill.

    The first steps by the voting group was the creation of a website,, and a video that includes a number of current and former players to promote the need for voter registration and education.

    Why are you wasting time here when you could be wasting it by listening to the latest episode of the DBR Podcast?

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    Good for them.

    Makes me happier than I can express seeing K teach like this while also learning from such young people, and glad to see those young people, like Wendell and Tre and Nolan, stepping up. Love to see my alma mater on the right side of things.

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    Great video! Our guys are trying to do their part in this social justice movement, and I’m proud of them. They’re stressing the importance of voting, and they obviously want change in various aspects of the country. I can’t blame them.

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    I see Duke players and coaches encouraging folks to register and to vote. And I see them telling you the values they will vote on.

    Anyone can certainly read whatever they want into it, but that's what it is at the core.

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    The only thing I was disappointed in was that they didn’t have Justise say “Justice.”

    Please remember that our basketball team, staff, and program include both Democrat and Republican. A call for voting for compassion, justice, and optimism should not be a partisan message.

    Love Grant’s beard.

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    All I know is that the site itself was very useful for checking on my son's voter registration status. He's brand new to the roles and we hadn't heard back about whether or not his registration had been approved, yet. It was, so we were able to request his absentee ballot. Very helpful. Thanks, guys!

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