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    Perhaps NASA got a waiver... from Otis Sistrunk (local rep of the University of Mars).

    Will try again on Friday.
    Data expected to roll in about 1:21pm EDT.

    4th Flight in the books, and done well!

    16 feet high, 164 feet down range and back.


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    New Mission for Ingenuity

    With the originally scheduled 4 flights of Ingenuity completed with great success, NASA has extended the charter for an additional 30 days.
    Now that the technical feasibility has been shown, Ingenuity will enter into a period of operational demonstrations.

    Here is an article, note that there is a nice 2 minute video discussing the mission later in the article:

    Going places that Perseverance can't, scouting out new landing fields, looking for interesting things for Percy to look at, are all within scope.

    No details on when or where.

    Ingenuity looks like an Undrafted Free Agent that joined the team. No?!d


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