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    Duke athletes testing positive for COVID-19

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    Well, here we go.

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    Apparently itís only nine. For now.
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    I'm happy that Duke is sharing all this information. Keep it up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tripping William View Post
    Apparently itís only nine. For now.
    The Article actually describes 25 (9 remain in quarantine). What's striking here is the rate of positives, as it sounds like these are mostly the tests upon reentry to campus. 309 individuals produced 25 positives. That's better than 8% positive. If the same percentages hold for the general student population, when freshmen and sophomores return to campus in the next two weeks 3000 undergrads in campus housing would produce nearly 250 positives upon arrival. That's a pretty big quarantine operation.

    I'm sure this rate surprised people at Duke. In North Carolina positive rates generally are running in the 8-10% range, but these are largely rests of people who we have symptoms or who we believe to have been exposed. Here, we tested people just because they were coming on campus and got the same rate.

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    This is a significant fact that is completely overlooked by those who only read the headline:

    The majority of student-athletes testing positive were positive upon arrival.

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    And furthermore...

    All were asymptomatic or experienced minor symptoms, and no student-athletes required additional medical care. Treatment consisted of symptom monitoring, rest and over the counter medication.

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