Here at the DBR we are quite fortunate to have a community that contains more than a few experts on various topics. At times, those experts can provide invaluable information to the entire community.

Toward that end, the DBR moderator community want to highlight a pair of recent posts from the Coronavirus Plaguewatch thread. We recognize the thread is long and not everyone is able to keep up with it, which is why these two posts are being pulled out to ensure they can be read by the entire community.

It is possible that we will periodically add new, informative posts to this thread, but if you want to reply to any of these posts, we ask that you do so in the Coronavirus thread itself. Replies to this thread will be locked, though it will be stickied to the top of the Off-Topic forum.

Thanks and prepare to be educated...

-Jason "we are truly lucky to have experienced medical professionals answering our questions at a time like this" Evans