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    Quote Originally Posted by OldPhiKap View Post
    Given my view that the unrepentant cheating weasel-bastards should have gotten the death penalty, put me down for not giving a rat's left tonsil if we ever play them again in any sport.

    Most clever, sir, as Discover Magazine informs me that rats have no tonsils.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steven43 View Post
    Hmm. I feel strongly that the Duke v UNC games are BY FAR the most anticipated, most exciting, most intense, and most satisfying (when Duke wins) of all the games the Blue Devils play. No other game even comes close. There is no way I would ever want to discontinue Duke v UNC.
    Didn't the general consensus *not* want to see Duke v unc in the NC game...

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    When you lie with pigs, you get mud all over you.

    Count me in the, "would be happy to never play the cheaters again".

    When you participate in sport with them, you are endorsing their cheating ways.

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