Hi all,

First off, I hope the mods donít mind me posting this here... I rather trust this community, and am in a position where I need guidance from people with knowledge and experience, and really hope the DBR community doesnít mind. I know we have a covid thread, but this isnít really about new news or anything, and will likely be a short lived thread.

So most of you know that I am a teacher. I am also on our district reopening committee here in NJ, having to deal with covid 19.

So one of the major issues we are facing is masks. Not only are they uncomfortable to some, but they also REALLY interfere with the ability to interact with people. Teachers are being required to wear them right now.

But I wanted to ask the medical people here... is there a significant difference between masks and clear face shields? What Iíve managed to find online seems to indicate that face shields are basically as effective as masks... that it is basically all about droplets, and shields do a good job both containing your own but also keeping others away, unless someone below you sneezes directly up under the shield.

So do face shields work about as well as masks? Would anyone in the medical field be able to offer a little guidance to a newbie facing a serious amount of responsibility?

Thanks all!