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    Quote Originally Posted by jimsumner View Post
    But having too much talent is a better problem than having too little talent.
    And one that nobody on this board could have foreseen two or three months ago. That will be a good test for both the players and the coaches.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chrishoke View Post
    Bios and full roster now available a through links in that article. Seven transfers, total, and all of them high level players. (Nyah Green transferred in what would have been mid-season last year, but after our season was over.) With COVID and the mass transfers this year, there are only three players on the team that I have actually seen in person. And I'm still fantastically excited about this team and how far it has the potential to go. It's going to be an exciting season this coming year at Cameron, and I have every confidence that we will have crowds this season and that they will be as big as we have seen for a while. LGD!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrishoke View Post
    Impressive -- all ranked in the top 41; three McD A-A's; four USA basketball gold medals (Oliver and Taylor). Jordyn Oliver and Celeste Taylor look like the best of the transfers, and they both have two years remaining.

    Meant in jest, but a problem for "new coaches" in hoops is there may not be "3-4 years of grace" in building a program. Now, with transfers and grad students so readily available, year one could be make or break for both men's and women's coaches.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chrishoke View Post
    ESPN piece which has much of same info, but good to see such publicity for program.

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    Looking forward to having a season, let alone a promising one! LGD!!!
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