I am posting this on behalf of the mod team:

It's clear to the moderators that many of our community members would like this thread reopened to comments on Coach K's statement regarding Black Lives Matter. Like others in the Duke community, the moderators feel enormously blessed that we have the benefit of Coach K's leadership, and we note with pride that his recorded statement linked above has already attracted more than 2.8 million views, eclipsing the attention received by any previous thread on Duke's Twitter account. It is certainly understandable that other DBR posters who were unable to express their own thoughts regarding Coach K's message before the thread closed would like another opportunity.

After having thoughtfully considered the requests from several of our members that this thread be reopened, and after having thoroughly debated the reasons for and against doing so, the moderators have reluctantly concluded that it would be unwise to allow further comments on Coach K's video message. As much as we would like to provide a forum to accommodate everyone's input, it became evident from the few messages that were posted during the brief time that the thread was open that any discussion of BLM issues is going to devolve unavoidably into a political dialogue. And as we've learned time and again, political dialogues on the DBR boards inevitably lead people to post messages that, whether intended or not, are regarded as antagonistic by someone else.

Unfortunately, in contemporary political discourse, it seems that no issue can be raised that does not instantly create contending positions, while carving out a vast canyon in the middle that cannot be peacefully bridged. Even among members of the DBR community, most of whom stand upon a common foundation based on the shared underlying interest that first brought us together here, history has shown that our normally commendable adherence to civility and mutual respect quickly breaks down when political issues enter the debate. In the end, we cannot ignore the near certainty that further discussion of Coach K's message on Black Lives Matter would be unmanageable. We recognize and regret that this decision will come as a disappointment to many of our participants, including most of us; but we trust that those of you who have witnessed the past conflagrations that make this choice necessary will understand.