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    Quote Originally Posted by jv001 View Post
    Man, I forgot there's the #1 K'ville in Durham. I should have said, Kernersville, NC.
    That’s K-Vegas.
    "Amazing what a minute can do."

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    Quote Originally Posted by mkirsh View Post
    That implies you hit two holes with one shot. One hole, one shot, two times. “Hole-in-one”s. But not for me, I’m o-fer unless we are counting putt putt
    I don't think it implies what you are saying at all. You got the ball into two holes with one shot each. The 'each' is implied.

    JMO, YMMV, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldPhiKap View Post
    But here is only one hole per. Two holes in one hole is physically impossible — it’s just one whole hole.

    I think the proper inquiry would be, “What is the total number of golf holes you have played in which you scored a hole in one?”

    Oh, and the inquisitor should be wearing tweed. Definitely tweed.
    Better be in knickers, too. Payne Stewart's trademark, if I recall correctly.

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