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    I pray that a majority of the freshmen class are multi year. Like everyone but Jalen. And then put this core group with Griffin, Baldwin and Christie. And maybe a few junior and senior holdovers. Old school would be fun.
    Agreed here. Given the current state of the world it is hard to look so far into the future...and so many things can change. I've had my eye on the '21-'22 season for awhile now.

    A back court of Roach & Steward as 2nd year players + senior Joey Baker + front court returners of Brakefield, Williams, Coleman + incoming AJ Griffin (still think he is top 5 pick in his draft), and the potential of adding a Pat Baldwin (100% CB for us) and Max Christie (100% CB for us) makes for a very good roster. One can dream.

    I'd imagine Moore and Hurt go after this coming season (if there is one).

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    I think itís fine if Duke isnít a PG dominate team next year especially if both Stanley and Hurt return along with Moore. I think either Roach or JGold will be in most of the time. The offense may run through Johnson at times but I doubt heíll actually guard the opponentís PG. I trust that Johnson will be a key player. With that said, if Stanley comes back, heíll be the man next year. The game is going to slow down for Hurt and Moore also. If Williams can guard the post and protect the rim, heíll be in the rotation because we donít have that otherwise. I hope Roach sticks for 2-3 years. Itís always good to have a veteran PG. as I said before, we just need Jeremy and JGold to hit wide open 3s at 35%+ rate so we can make the defense pay if they play off them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lotusland View Post
    I think it’s fine if Duke isn’t a PG dominate team next year especially if both Stanley and Hurt return along with Moore.
    Yeah, since Jalen and Wendell love to create with the ball in their hands so much, they're going to be de facto point guards much of the time anyway. Jim Sumner has written on here that he believes Moore is going to make a big frosh-to-soph jump and make an All-ACC team, and I'd bet he has some input from coaches on that. The question then becomes how to maximize Jalen and Wendell, which to me means putting shooting around them.

    Almost everyone agrees that Jeremy's greatest strength is getting to the basket (and I agree as well) but unfortunately, that skill of his gets neutered by the surrounding talent in the most frequently mentioned lineups. Jeremy will drive, okay, but he will drive into Wendell's man, into Jalen's man, and if we play a center, Mark's man, too, because those guys don't spread the court. Jeremy's going to drive into turnovers or blocked shots like in the "Weaknesses" portion of the video I linked above. In other words, Roach is a bad fit alongside Moore and Johnson, imo. We can't put all these poor shooting creators on the court together. It doesn't make sense and doesn't make the sum greater than the parts.

    Please start and play DJ Steward 30+ minutes, Coach. Please recruit and play your shooters. Please recruit and play players that fit together well.

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    If Cassius returns and/or Hurt, a lot of players will be dribble drive players and others will have to knock down shots

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