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Thread: Super Bowl LIV

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    Quote Originally Posted by BD80 View Post
    I bet this is just a PR move by NE so they can say they tried to keep TB, but that it was TB's choice to move on.

    It works for TB as well, setting a "comp" for his negotiations with the next team. If he signs for a "mere" $25 mil/yr for 2 or 3 years, he's being a good guy and giving his new team a "discount."

    Why do I feel compelled to use "" so often whenever I comment on TB or NE?
    The only way he returns, I suspect, is if they add a whole lot of offensively skilled players. Even then, they more or may not want him...but they have to find someone...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BD80 View Post
    Just as well, he'd have been three steps behind the receivers when they arrived.
    That's gonna leave a mark.
    A plane takes off from Baltimore and touches down on Bourbon Street

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