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Then the public are ignorant.

IBM is many things (I'm not a big fan, but I'm hopeful they can change like Microsoft has changed), but a patent troll they are not.

If you can tell me a lawsuit in which you think they are behaving trollish, I'm open to listening but as far as I know they've not been a bad behavior doing dumb thinks like asserting a patent over hyperlinks or other nonsense like that.
Absolutely, it's an absurd assertion that they act like trolls. I spent 25 years there, worked with the patent attorneys many times, never saw bad behavior on their part.
Everyone including IBM defends legit patents...just take a look at the ongoing Apple vs Samsung Texas Death Match...

Few people understand how much money IBM spends on basic, basic research (as opposed to product development)...they develop a ton of patents from this work, some become economically valuable, others don't...and sometimes it takes many years for the research to bear fruit.